Coldfire Extracts | Coldfire Juice 

ColdFire Extracts was launched in Late 2020 in Los Angeles, CA by a family of cannabis connoisseurs. The purpose on Earth is to deliver the most flavorful cannabis experience possible.We take pride in capturing and retaining even the most fragile aromatic and flavor compounds.Experience each cultivar’s truest flavor potential like never before.

They preserve 100% flavor, providing the cleanest and most terpene abundant hash experience in the world. ColdFire products are extracted at below -100° using 100% Butane in a single extraction process.

Coldfire Juice 

It is also, pne of the Most Flavorful Cured Vape Cart in the World. Just Flavor and Potency. No Distillate No Additives No Degradation
Experience the truest flavor you’ve ever had in a vape cart with the ColdFire Juice Line.
Typically over 5% terps!